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Your Baby Can Read?!

Can they really though?! Well time will tell for my baby because i bought her the whole set off ebay a whole lot cheaper that the price on the actual website, definate bargain id say. Ive been fairly religious and almost consistant with showing the DVDs to Sayuri

every morning after breakfast. They need a child with a concentration span of at least 20 mins to start off and ass the DVD words get more advanced so does the length of time. The other thing i love about the DVDs is the nursery ryhmes they play inbetween the word learning, gives the child a little break and a sing a long as well. Sayuri loves Twinkle Twinkle since hearing it on here.

I look forward to my Sayuri reading like the children on the website and having fun whilst doing it too! I will give you feed back and updates and hopefully my baby will be reading soon!(fingers crossed, lol!)

If anyone has used this program please do lets us know ur progress and thoughts.

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